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I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt! I absolutely loved it! (See review here ) I picked out my top five favorite quotes from my ARC and want to share them with you! Note: this is from a paperback ARC so quotes are subject to change and page numbers may not be the same as in the hardcover.

Favorite Quote: “If you really want something, baby, the stars won’t help you. You have to reach out and take it (page 51).”

2nd Favorite Quote: “My tone is sarcastic, but this is exactly what I wanted. Not to get chased by a rabid dog exactly, but ~this~. Heart pounding, fingertips tingling with adrenaline, an energy lighting up my veins that has absolutely nothing to do with paying rent of freaking out when my mom won’t pick up her phone (page 142).”

Third Favorite Quote: “She tastes like summer, like running and laughter, and the combination is so heady that I have to force myself to slow down and savor this moment (page 153).”

Fourth Favorite Quote: “And that’s teh funny thing about wishes- only when one comes true do you realize the full scope of that wish. What you really wanted. The beauty of it. The complexity (page 319).”

Fifth Favorite Quote: “The stars won’t help me. No one will, nor really. No one can. No one except me (page 304).”

+1 Honorable Mention: “You’d think having a white dad and a black mom means I have three legs and feathers. I’m biracial, not some rarely spotted species from some barely populated island (page 97).”

Don’t forget to check out the book! Purchase links here and here!

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I just had the wonderful opportunity to read Ashley Herring Blake’s new novel early! I received an ARC in the mail, which is what my entire review is based on. Note that there may be changes between the two. Check out my other post for favorite quotes from said ARC!

No Spoiler Section:

This book was so cute! Yes, I know I say that about almost every contemporary, but I mean it each time. This novel was so wonderfully written, featuring two broken girls trying to piece themselves back together. The romance is very prevalent, obviously, but not the only thing happening with the plot. Dealing with Maggie, Grace’s mom, is very important in the book as well. Their relationship is a mess, and exploring it makes for a very interesting plot.

4/5 stars- such a fun contemporary read!

Official synopsis from GoodreadsAll seventeen year-old Grace Glasser wants is her own life. A normal life in which she sleeps in the same bed for longer than three months and doesn’t have to scrounge for spare change to make sure the electric bill is paid. Emotionally trapped by her unreliable mother, Maggie, and the tiny cape on which she lives, she focuses on her best friend, her upcoming audition for a top music school in New York, and surviving Maggie’s latest boyfriend—who happens to be Grace’s own ex-boyfriend’s father.

Her attempts to lay low until she graduates are disrupted when she meets Eva, a girl with her own share of ghosts she’s trying to outrun. Grief-stricken and lonely, Eva pulls Grace into midnight adventures and feelings Grace never planned on. When Eva tells Grace she likes girls, both of their worlds open up. But, united by loss, Eva also shares a connection with Maggie. As Grace’s mother spirals downward, both girls must figure out how to love and how to move on.

Purchase Links: AMAZON  B&N 


How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake was absolutely amazing! Ashley’s talent is showcased in how immersed I became in this world, despite the fact that the characters lived very different lives than mine. Usually there are some relatable aspects, and though I was unable to find any, I fell in love anyway. Grace and Eva were such interesting people, such damaged people, but you ended up rooting for them regardless. Graces mom was The Worst™. She thought she deserved a prize just for sticking around and not abandoning her on the side of the road! I was really glad when Grace finally left her in that motel in Portland. Grace has so much potential and probably a pretty good shot at a scholarship to music school, but her mom was holding her back. It’s one thing be loyal to the ones you love, but another to stick with the person who repeatedly hurts you. Everyone around Grace saw how toxic Maggie was. I mean, even Grace saw it. She just didn’t want to admit that to herself. Grace had to raise herself from the start, and raise her mother at the same time. It was almost as if she never had a mom. Eva is on the other end of the spectrum. Her mom was always there for her, supporting her, and sharing a passion for dance. When she passes away Eva is crushed and doesn’t know how to cope. She finds solace in both Grace and Maggie despite everyone’s warnings to stay away from Maggie. Together, Grace and Eva find out what a healthy relationship contains, since neither has ever had one before. (This is Eva’s first relationship and Grace’s first one with a person she actually cares about.) I love how this novel portrays a real relationship. It’s not love at first sight, it’s definitely awkward at first, and there are struggles that cause the relationship to almost completely fall apart. Not only did Grace and Eva’s relationship almost tank, but so did Grace and Luca’s! Luca was such an important character, probably my favorite. He supported Grace through all of her mom’s antics, never calling her out for putting up with her mom for this long. They spent their holidays together, and he would visit her at all of her houses, and help her cope when the situation with her mom got too intense.

The whole book is struggle, struggle, struggle. Struggling with the new move, with her mom, with the piano, with Luca, with Eva, with life. But I feel like the ending makes it all worth it. Grace is living in a safe home, her mom is in rehab, she’s auditioning for her school, she’s close with Luca, the relationship is with Eva great, and so is life. After all the suffering Grace has had to endure, I could not be more excited for her to finally get a happy ending!



I had the honor of receiving an ebook of Tara Frejas’s new book, Waiting In The Wings! I absolutely loved it. But, before you read my review, you should check out my other post where I share some cool excerpts from the novel!

No Spoiler Section:

Maybe I’m slightly biased, since I love almost all contemporary novels, but this was so cute! I’d give it a 4 out of 5 stars 🙂 The main character, Erin, is an actress on stage and loves to play the lady in love, but decides she wants to find some love of her own. She thinks she’s found it in the arms of a famous movie actor, Pio. But, the heart is a fickle thing, and she starts to wonder if it’s him who she really loves. This book has such a relatable lead character, and has excellent use of dramatic irony (one of my favorite literary devices!) (no one ever uses it anymore so this made me really happy). One of the coolest parts about this book is that they create a musical, and that Tara wrote some of the songs! She has them up on Spotify right now! just search “Tara Frejas” and it should come up. The title is #WaitingInTheWings Mood Music. For more of my thoughts with minimal spoilers check out my twitter thread on it.

This is the official synopsis (as given to me by the author):

At twenty-three, theatre actress Erin Javier has yet to fall in love or kiss a boy offstage, away from the klieg lights. She is the perfect leading lady—whose heart men would fight for, win, and protect—unfortunately, only until the curtains fall and the lights go down. In real life, Erin is a certified NBSB whose heart has been hoping for a song to dance to for quite some time.

But when two (two!) men enter from stage left and right, Erin is confused. Who deserves to take center stage in her heart—Mr. Theatre Royalty whose attention and displays of affection make her pulse race, or a good friend whose steady support has helped steer her to success and fulfill her dream?

Interested? Pre-order here and add it to your GoodReads shevles 🙂




This book was honestly so cute! Immediately, you’re sucked in to this amazing group of friends, all of them working at the theatre. The squad feels more like a family. Each character has such a different personality, making it easy to spot at least one character’s traits in one of your friends. Ate H and Jericho and Mark and Kai make the story really special. Whenever Ate H would fuss over Erin’s love life, I couldn’t help but smile, thinking of all the times I’ve done that. She genuinely wanted Erin to be happy, and I’m always a sucker for a good female friendship. Another thing to love about the book! The overused “mean girl” trope was nowhere to be found! All of the girls at the theatre supported each other, and wanted each other to be happy. There was no backstabbing, no gossiping, no lies, nothing. All of the things that went wrong in Erin’s life were Erin’s fault, not some jealous character’s. And yea, some things went wrong. I mean, she was going out with Pio but even on dates with him thought about Ramon. She would build up Ramon’s confidence, just to accidentally shatter it. Asking Pio to let Ramon perform was probably the worst thing she could’ve done to him. She owed him nothing other than support, and she messed that up too. I think my heart actually broke for Ramon in that scene. It also broke for him when the cast list came out. I was rooting so hard for him to get that top spot, knowing it would just go to Pio. As a band kid, I know what it’s like to be the underdog performer trying out for the lead. It worked the first time for me (though I wasn’t so lucky the second), and I was hoping it would work for him. When he got to perform in the end, I was thrilled, because he at least got one chance to shine on the stage and show the crowd that he was brilliant as well. I was rooting for him the whole way through, on stage and off. Not gonna lie, at first I wasn’t quite sure who Tara wanted the audience to ship. There was a whole big build up about Ramon and his crush on Erin, and how he’d been in love with her for years, but was too scared to ask her out (he also gets bonus points for not feeling entitled to anything more than friendship. Where are these guys in real life, am I right, ladies?). But then, Pio swoops in and asks her out. He takes her on a lavish date and is so romantic he makes the reader practically swoon while reading about it. At that point, I was already attached to Ramon, but was starting to think that she would end up with Pio despite all that buildup. Thankfully, I was wrong, and she ends up with Ramon, who truly believed in her from day one.


Waiting In The Wings by Tara Frejas ARC TOUR!


I’m lucky enough to be a part of the ARC TOUR for Waiting In The Wings by Tara Frejas! I received an eARC of the book (watch for the review coming VERY SOON) and a bunch of cool excerpts and quotes from the book that I can release to you! If the book sounds like something you’d like, you can pre-order on Amazon and add it to your Goodreads shelves.

First, here is the official synopsis (as given to me by the author):

At twenty-three, theatre actress Erin Javier has yet to fall in love or kiss a boy offstage, away from the klieg lights. She is the perfect leading lady—whose heart men would fight for, win, and protect—unfortunately, only until the curtains fall and the lights go down. In real life, Erin is a certified NBSB whose heart has been hoping for a song to dance to for quite some time.

But when two (two!) men enter from stage left and right, Erin is confused. Who deserves to take center stage in her heart—Mr. Theatre Royalty whose attention and displays of affection make her pulse race, or a good friend whose steady support has helped steer her to success and fulfill her dream?

Not interested yet? Maybe these amazing quotes can convince you!


If you’re saying you’re not interested still, then you’re lying to yourself. Read this excerpt to help stop the denial.


Erin’s first kiss was a guy named Timothy Matias.

She and Timothy—christened Mots by Kai—were both Teatro Lakambini rookies three years ago, and Chronicles of a Breakup was their baptism of fire. Even so, he wasn’t new to kissing.

Thankfully, Mots was considerate. He noticed her apprehension about the stage kiss and offered to fake it instead. But the scene had to be staged in a way that a fake kiss would have been so painfully obvious, and Erin just went “oh what the heck” and decided to go for gold. Mots obliged, and was nice enough to “mentor” her without being all judgey.

“Don’t pucker your lips” was his first tip. “Loosen your jaw” was his second. There were more, and they came in unexpected moments, like when they waited in the wings and he told her to “Press your lips against mine a bit harder before I push you away.”

It was an Act Two breakup kiss, what they shared. Erin’s character was desperate to keep his, but his just wasn’t into hers any longer. As they went through the scene five times a week for eight straight weeks, Erin felt as if her heart wasted away every single time she kissed Mots goodbye.

The feeling stayed with her for weeks after the show had closed that she had to ask him to sit down and talk about it one afternoon.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “Sometimes I look at you and I can’t think straight.”

The look on his face prompted her to clarify. “I’m not in love with you, Mots. It’s just that I’ve been this character for a while and it’s difficult to get her out of my system.”

He got it, he said. They hugged it out, and that was that.

Five months later, she was kissing Andres San Vicente under a dim streetlight in Sa Kanto ng Kaimito at Santol. It was a more innocent kind of kiss, one that would reduce the females in the audience to squeals and giggles. Erin liked their once-a-show kisses better because they were hopeful and held the promise of a blossoming new love. And at the back of her mind, she allowed herself to fantasize over that kind of love too—until Andres brought his boyfriend to the cast party and crushed her dreams.

The distinction of sharing the most number of kisses with Erin goes to Brian Castro and Johann Rivera. Alternating as Erin’s long-distance boyfriends in Minsan Tayo, the average number of kisses she received per show was twenty, not including the ones that didn’t land on her lips. But even if Brian and Johann played the same character, their kisses were completely different.

Brian’s was playful and tentative half the time and tasted like Tic Tac. Johann’s was more intense and tended to linger a little more. They didn’t taste like anything remarkable, but Erin recalled the one time his lips tasted like ginger tea.

By the time she got to act alongside Nathan Zalameda for Karaoke Queen, the tables were turned: He was the novice, and she was the pro. Recalling every relevant moment in her kissing resume, Erin taught Nathan everything he needed to know.

And he was a fast learner. So fast, Erin actually found herself feeling flustered more than once.

Thinking about all those kisses made Erin feel a little dizzy. There were okay kisses, and there were kisses that, whether she liked to admit or not, completely rocked her world.

Is anyone going to measure up? she wondered. More importantly, is there anyone out there willing to?

Don’t forget to pre-order from Amazon using the link above! The book comes out February 21st, 2017! Trust me, you won’t want to miss this new release.


Okay so I just finished HISTORY IS ALL YOU LEFT ME and I’m feeling things, so this review may just be me rambling.

Spoiler free stuff: This book is heartbreaking and beautiful and you need to read it. It’s about a boy named Griffin trying to move on with his life after losing his favorite human, Theo (the ex-boyfriend, but current best friend). I was crying by page 42, which was just the first of many tears I shed. Yes, this book is sad, and deals with many sad topics, but it also deals with important topics that are rarely discussed in YA literature.

Official Description (from Goodreads): “When Griffin’s first love and ex-boyfriend, Theo, dies in a drowning accident, his universe implodes. Even though Theo had moved to California for college and started seeing Jackson, Griffin never doubted Theo would come back to him when the time was right. But now, the future he’s been imagining for himself has gone far off course.

To make things worse, the only person who truly understands his heartache is Jackson. But no matter how much they open up to each other, Griffin’s downward spiral continues. He’s losing himself in his obsessive compulsions and destructive choices, and the secrets he’s been keeping are tearing him apart.

If Griffin is ever to rebuild his future, he must first confront his history, every last heartbreaking piece in the puzzle of his life.”

5/5 stars, this book is A1. 

Spoiler stuff: Literally from the first page this book, in the words of Griffin, “made me feel a way.” It immediately opens at the funeral, providing an obviously heart-wrenching scene. But, it goes straight into a chapter about the Griffin and Theo First Date. This book is so amazingly crafted this way, as it goes from Today to History in the blink of an eye, slowly putting together the pieces of the puzzle Griffin never wanted to solve. From meeting Jackson, who turned out not to be horrible, to learning about what happened June, I CANNOT BELIEVE, this book kept me enthralled. I couldn’t put it down, and finished in less than 48 hours, an incredible feat considering I haven’t read a book past the first chapter in two weeks. So let’s start with Jackson. We’re introduced to him as Theo’s current boyfriend, who Griffin hates on principle. But then, Griffin starts to be a “good” person and lets Jackson into his life a little bit. The two grieving together is borderline unhealthy due to their pent up feelings, but the two bring out something better in each other. The fact that they both went back to Cali shocked me, but I was glad that Griffin was doing something wild and reckless. I also really liked the fact that Jackson pushed him out of his comfort zone, forcing him to drive and taking him to the place Theo died. I do think the parts that followed after their trip to the pier was unhealthy, but it took me a little bit to realize that that was the point! They were both sad and vulnerable and didn’t want to be, so they did something stupid that they thought would cure it. These chapters were some of my favorites though, because I just visited California and I was just at Santa Monica Pier and it’s really weird to think that if this book had been published two weeks sooner I would’ve been all emotional when I rode the Ferris Wheel and put my hands in the water. It’s weird reading a book and being able to relate to the setting. But that pier to me is one of happiest places ever. When Jackson said that Theo had gone into the water because of a voicemail Griffin had sent, I figured it was a voicemail saying that Griffin still loved him. I was in no way prepared for the fact that it was a voicemail about Wade and Theo’s relationship! I think their relationship was very interesting. It wasn’t healthy but it was real and it was fitting to Griffin’s character. But Griffin realized he screwed up, and he tried to make it better. I mean sure, he made it worst at first, but he eventually fixed it. Griffin made a lot of mistakes in this book, but he also learned how to fix them, and that’s the important part. This book left me so emotional and I loved every second of it. How I could go from crying to laughing to pitying to shock all in a span of one page (looking at you page 224). You did good, Adam Silvera.

YA Fiction | Book Review for Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

Reviewed Book: Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

Book Description: Amy Curry is not looking forward to her summer. Her mother decided to move across the country and now it’s Amy’s responsibility to get their car from California to Connecticut. The only problem is, since her father died in a car accident, she isn’t ready to get behind the wheel. Enter Roger. An old family friend, he also has to make the cross-country trip – and has plenty of baggage of his own. The road home may be unfamiliar – especially with their friendship venturing into uncharted territory – but together, Amy and Roger will figure out how to map their way.

General Review (NO SPOILERS): 2.5/5 stars

To be honest, I was a little disappointed with this book. It is spoken so highly of, that my expectations were really high. They were far from met. The plot was cute, but the characters were not very relatable (to me, anyway), and a lot of the book was rather subpar. It was a relatively entertaining read, but not something that I would pick up again randomly.

Detailed Review (CONTAINS SPOILERS): As you may have noticed, this review is really late. I promised that it would go up a while ago, yet I never posted it. I hate saying some not so nice things about Morgan Matson, but I just didn’t love the book. Usually, I go into exploring the characters and their growth, but I feel no desire to do that here. They weren’t relatable (to me), they were moderately funny, and they were just bland to read about. The plot concept was cute, and there were definitely some great moments (I MEAN THEY SHARED A BED BEFORE THEY WERE TOGETHER WHAT KIND OF FANFICTION IS THIS LOL), but it was overall very lackluster. I’m sorry this review is so short, but I honestly cannot think of anything else to say.

STARBRIGHT release day!!

Today, the STARBRIGHT series by Hilary Thompson comes out! The three books in the series are Justice Buried (click here for description), Balance Broken (click here for description), and Destiny Risen (click here for description). You can purchase these books from Amazon (here’s the link to Hilary’s Amazon page)!  (pictures of each down below)

Hilary’s Goodreads Bio is as follows: Hilary Thompson was born to parents who made a habit of taking roads less traveled. But she was also a first child, and an independent, willful child, so she has made a habit of taking a few roads on her own.
After trying on hats made for artists, architects, restaurant and retail workers, landscape designers, legal secretaries, and professional students, she retreated back to her first loves of education and writing.
Hilary now teaches high school full time, writes whenever and wherever she can, and reads as much as her eyes can handle. She also tries not to spoil her own independent, willful children or neglect her wonderful soul-mate of a husband too much. She tends to ignore laundry baskets and dirty dishes.


I know that there is a Rafflecopter giveaway, but unfortunately I do not currently have the link 😦 I will make a new post if that changes.


The Foxhole Court

So I just binge read the entire Foxhole Court series (the proper name is All For The Game series but no one really calls it that) by Nora Sakavic because everyone kept it relating it to the Raven Cycle. They were in no way similar, but they were still good, and I’m mad about it. I didn’t like the first one AT ALL, since all the characters were nasty and abusive, and I do not support that behavior. But, at the middle/end of book two, it the plot started to get interesting. Book three was incredible. I’m really mad because I didn’t want to get attached to these problematic characters but here we are. Sorry for this rant, but I finished last night at, like, 11 and then promptly passed out, so everything is still fresh in my mind.



With that being said, my other Morgan Matson reviews will be here soon! They don’t seem long enough yet, so I am trying to add more..

YA Fiction | Book Review for The Unexpected Everything By Morgan Matson

Reviewed Book: The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

Book Description: Andie had it all planned out.

When you are a politician’s daughter who’s pretty much raised yourself, you learn everything can be planned or spun, or both. Especially your future.

Important internship? Check.

Amazing friends? Check.

Guys? Check (as long as we’re talking no more than three weeks).

But that was before the scandal. Before having to be in the same house with her dad. Before walking an insane number of dogs. That was before Clark and those few months that might change her whole life.

Because here’s the thing—if everything’s planned out, you can never find the unexpected.

And where’s the fun in that?

General Review (NO SPOILERS): 5/5 stars

If I could, I would give this book 100/5 stars because I loved this book! Morgan Matson never disappoints. This cute contemporary was incredible! Andie may have been unsure about her crazy summer, but I had a feeling it was going to go great. (I was right.) Andie is actually goals in this book, between having a great group of friends, a cute boyfriend, and an awesome job. Sure, none of that’s perfect (believe me, there are many hijinks in this book), but it makes for a fun summer contemporary read. Also, this cover is so pretty!!!

Detailed Review (CONTAINS SPOILERS):

I. Loved. This. Book. Andie had an amazing summer, and I’m so jealous that this isn’t what I’m doing this summer. Her story was funny, relatable, and a whirlwind of fun. It doesn’t hurt that she had some pretty great people to share her summer with.

I know I usually talk about the plot first, but I really want to dive right in to the characters so… The first character I want to talk about is Andie’s dad. When we first meet Alexander Walker, he’s a distant father who cares only about his politics. His name on Andie’s phone is Alexander Walker, making him seem like another ordinary human instead of her father. Throughout the novel, as the scandal takes place and Alexander has to lay low, we get to explore his character. We were able to watch as Andie and Alexander’s relationship blossomed into something nice, like a normal father and daughter. She even changed his contact name to Dad!

Andie had a great group of friends- Palmer (and therefore Tom), Toby, and Bri. This group has been inseparable for years. They are every bit the squad most people dream of having. Er, well until they all start keeping secrets. But, that’s what I love about Morgan’s books, they’re always realistic. Sometimes you end up liking your best friend’s crush. Sometimes your best friend’s crush likes you back. Sometimes you keep secrets to try to keep someone from getting hurt.

Last, but certainly not least, Clark. The fantasy writer of everyone’s dreams. Dorky, awkward, smart, funny, different. He’s a best selling author at nineteen, living in his publisher’s house, trying to take care of a hyper dog, and on a mission to eat some crazy food.  He and Andie hit it off… after, like, three tries. First encounter was awkward, first date wasn’t great, and their second date was staying up all night taking care of a puking dog. But that second date changed some things for the both of them, and made, like, every reader swoon.

The plot was entertaining as ever, between crazy summer jobs, communication through emojis only (EMOJIS IN A BOOK CAN YOU BELIEVE I’M STILL IN SHOCK), disasters with boys, and family issues. What was your favorite part?