I had the honor of receiving an ebook of Tara Frejas’s new book, Waiting In The Wings! I absolutely loved it. But, before you read my review, you should check out my other post where I share some cool excerpts from the novel!

No Spoiler Section:

Maybe I’m slightly biased, since I love almost all contemporary novels, but this was so cute! I’d give it a 4 out of 5 stars 🙂 The main character, Erin, is an actress on stage and loves to play the lady in love, but decides she wants to find some love of her own. She thinks she’s found it in the arms of a famous movie actor, Pio. But, the heart is a fickle thing, and she starts to wonder if it’s him who she really loves. This book has such a relatable lead character, and has excellent use of dramatic irony (one of my favorite literary devices!) (no one ever uses it anymore so this made me really happy). One of the coolest parts about this book is that they create a musical, and that Tara wrote some of the songs! She has them up on Spotify right now! just search “Tara Frejas” and it should come up. The title is #WaitingInTheWings Mood Music. For more of my thoughts with minimal spoilers check out my twitter thread on it.

This is the official synopsis (as given to me by the author):

At twenty-three, theatre actress Erin Javier has yet to fall in love or kiss a boy offstage, away from the klieg lights. She is the perfect leading lady—whose heart men would fight for, win, and protect—unfortunately, only until the curtains fall and the lights go down. In real life, Erin is a certified NBSB whose heart has been hoping for a song to dance to for quite some time.

But when two (two!) men enter from stage left and right, Erin is confused. Who deserves to take center stage in her heart—Mr. Theatre Royalty whose attention and displays of affection make her pulse race, or a good friend whose steady support has helped steer her to success and fulfill her dream?

Interested? Pre-order here and add it to your GoodReads shevles 🙂




This book was honestly so cute! Immediately, you’re sucked in to this amazing group of friends, all of them working at the theatre. The squad feels more like a family. Each character has such a different personality, making it easy to spot at least one character’s traits in one of your friends. Ate H and Jericho and Mark and Kai make the story really special. Whenever Ate H would fuss over Erin’s love life, I couldn’t help but smile, thinking of all the times I’ve done that. She genuinely wanted Erin to be happy, and I’m always a sucker for a good female friendship. Another thing to love about the book! The overused “mean girl” trope was nowhere to be found! All of the girls at the theatre supported each other, and wanted each other to be happy. There was no backstabbing, no gossiping, no lies, nothing. All of the things that went wrong in Erin’s life were Erin’s fault, not some jealous character’s. And yea, some things went wrong. I mean, she was going out with Pio but even on dates with him thought about Ramon. She would build up Ramon’s confidence, just to accidentally shatter it. Asking Pio to let Ramon perform was probably the worst thing she could’ve done to him. She owed him nothing other than support, and she messed that up too. I think my heart actually broke for Ramon in that scene. It also broke for him when the cast list came out. I was rooting so hard for him to get that top spot, knowing it would just go to Pio. As a band kid, I know what it’s like to be the underdog performer trying out for the lead. It worked the first time for me (though I wasn’t so lucky the second), and I was hoping it would work for him. When he got to perform in the end, I was thrilled, because he at least got one chance to shine on the stage and show the crowd that he was brilliant as well. I was rooting for him the whole way through, on stage and off. Not gonna lie, at first I wasn’t quite sure who Tara wanted the audience to ship. There was a whole big build up about Ramon and his crush on Erin, and how he’d been in love with her for years, but was too scared to ask her out (he also gets bonus points for not feeling entitled to anything more than friendship. Where are these guys in real life, am I right, ladies?). But then, Pio swoops in and asks her out. He takes her on a lavish date and is so romantic he makes the reader practically swoon while reading about it. At that point, I was already attached to Ramon, but was starting to think that she would end up with Pio despite all that buildup. Thankfully, I was wrong, and she ends up with Ramon, who truly believed in her from day one.



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