The Foxhole Court

So I just binge read the entire Foxhole Court series (the proper name is All For The Game series but no one really calls it that) by Nora Sakavic because everyone kept it relating it to the Raven Cycle. They were in no way similar, but they were still good, and I’m mad about it. I didn’t like the first one AT ALL, since all the characters were nasty and abusive, and I do not support that behavior. But, at the middle/end of book two, it the plot started to get interesting. Book three was incredible. I’m really mad because I didn’t want to get attached to these problematic characters but here we are. Sorry for this rant, but I finished last night at, like, 11 and then promptly passed out, so everything is still fresh in my mind.



With that being said, my other Morgan Matson reviews will be here soon! They don’t seem long enough yet, so I am trying to add more..


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